Pousada Vila do Patacho, Porto de Pedras, Alagoas

"Beautiful artistic boutique guesthouse with loft-style villas, right on Patacho beach"

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Nearest Airport: Maceió - 120 kms
Trip Style: Yoga + Spa, Nature + Wildlife, Honeymoon + Romance, Eco-tourism, Beach
Pousada Facilities: 6 bedrooms: all bungalows
supports sustainable tourism, supports community projects, restaurant, private parking, massage, laundry, kitchen, honeymoon package, hammocks, bi-lingual reception, beach service
Language(s): Spanish, Portuguese, English
Recommended attractions: yoga, windsurfing, weddings, walking, swimming, stand-up paddle, snorkelling, massage, local handicrafts, kayaking, horseriding, hiking, flora & fauna, fishing, farm visits, diving, buggy trips, boat trips
Ideal for: travellers with baby, solo travellers, small groups, friends sharing, families, couples
Cards Accepted: Paypal, Cash
Web Site: http://www.viladopatacho.com.br
E-mail: vevalenca@hotmail.com
Skype: Vila do Patacho
Telephone: +55 81 99257744
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Note: Where pousadas are off the beaten track, Google maps only show the nearest town, and are not an accurate guide to location.

Alison's pousada review

Expectations are strange things! I knew Vila do Patacho was down the track that leads to the beachfront Pousada Patacho so I had assumed it was set some way back from the beach and that it was just one villa. What I found just blew me away. Not only were there 3 beautiful loft-style villas and 2 chalets set amongst swaying palm trees, but the pousada is actually right on Patacho beach, one of the most beautiful deserted beaches in Brazil! Originally planned as villa rentals (3 of the houses have well planned open kitchens and the 2 chalets without ), owners Guilherme and Veronica decided last year to operate on a pousada basis as well, offering breakfast to guests and also the possibility of individually prepared dinners. Stay a few nights and the pousada option may be best. For those staying longer Veronica will help you to buy all the fresh produce you need plus the catch of the day to cook yourselves.

What is abundantly clear as you look around is that a great deal lot of love has been put into this place; equally clear are Veronica's talents both as a designer and as an artist herself.  The villas are all super comfortable with 2 double bedrooms, bathroom, and veranda with deckchairs and hammocks . Each one is beautifully and colourfully designed with artwork and one-off pieces of furniture restored or designed by Veronica herself . And most boast extraordinary huge double height wood doors which formerly graced mansions in Minas Gerais but which seem to fit right into their new beach environment here. In the rest of the pousada there's a gym for those who want to keep fit plus multiple spaces for relaxation and massage and (of course!) those wonderful loungers overlooking the beach.

If you're looking for nightlife or formality you're not going to find it around here; if on the other hand you just want a beautiful as yet undiscovered place to chill either with friends, family or alone, Vila do Patacho is a wonderful new option. Veronica and Guilherme both speak English and will go out of their way to make sure you have the best possible experience. My personal verdict? A truly hidden gem! 


About the location

If you have ever heard of Alagoas you are most definitely in the minority. Even in Brazil those that know anything about it equate the state with corrupt politicians and huge resorts rather than anything remotely beautiful.  But then most people don't know that between Barra de Santo Antonio and Maragogi the main north-south road veers off inland, leaving behind the orginal track and 40 kms of  unspoilt beaches dotted with coconut plantations and small villages, where time has effectively stood still for generations.

Alagoans call their whole coastline the Costa dos Corais or coral coast after the enormous coral reef just offshore, but many people have started using the term "Rota Ecológica" or ecological route to describe the 20km stretch from Barra de Camarugibe in the south to Porto de Pedras in the north where pousadas like the ones on Hidden Pousadas have grouped together  in their own association, AREAL. All of these pousadas have their own individual identity but they share a common preoccupation with sustainable tourism coupled with an ecological conscience and respect for the local communities. Everyone needs to attract guests here, but nobody wants the predatory tourism typical of resorts and large hotels, and the result is some of the most wonderful places to stay you could ever come across anywhere in the world.

The first time we came here we started from Maceió; the second time from Recife and it doesn't really matter which way you do it as the Rota Ecológica is pretty well equidistant from the 2 capitals- about 150kms. All the pousadas here run a half board system, usually of breakfast and dinner, so you don't actually ever need to leave the pousada, but a car is useful if you want to explore as public transport, or indeed any transport other than bicycles, is pretty scarce here. Put that with the quality of the pousadas themselves, the swaying palm trees, the deserted beaches, and the warm warm sea and this area is nothing short of pure paradise.

Not to be missed

  • jangada trip out to the natural swimming pools
  • visit to the manatee centre to see the "peixe bois"
  • checking out local handicrafts/wood carving
  • long walks along deserted beaches
  • swimming in the warm sea
  • horseriding on the beach
Pousada Starpoints
  • Unique and artistically designed apartments
  • Tranquil setting for privacy and relaxation right on the beach
  • Great value and wonderfully personal ambiance created by Guilherme & Veronica 

Try a different place if...

If you don't appreciate long deserted beach walks and want more nightlife.



Prices from
R$ 350,00
(2 adults, including breakfast)

Book direct here

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